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What is a 5G node?

What is a 5G node?
Tiny white 5G nodes on a power tower.

What is a 5G node? The 5G cell phone network uses small cells towers (a.k.a. nodes) in addition to the large towers that previous generations of cell service use. 5G nodes are very similar to 4G towers in their size and the way they work. The wireless service providers are building many thousands of 5G nodes to optimally cover the earth and deliver fast 5G internet to their customers.

5G nodes are much smaller than an old cell tower, the nodes are much easier to hide in urban areas on micro-real estate. The 5G nodes deliver high frequency electromagnetic waves that are required for high speed data transfer to the newest generation of smart phones and tablets.

5G nodes send and receive data to provide internet connectivity and capacity to densely populated areas. The 5G nodes increase data transfer speeds when many active users would previously compete for data.

5G nodes are much smaller than traditional cell towers, so they can be mounted on electric vehicle chargers, stop lights, electricity poles, DOOH advertising, roofs of buildings, shipping container farms, and pretty much any structure or type of micro-property that you can think of. There is no reason that a micro-property that has an electric vehicle charge or shipping container farm already on it couldn’t also support another piece of hardware like a 5G node or a vending machine, unless the owner of the micro-property forbids it. But it would increase revanue, so why would they forbid it?

5G nodes are essential to the speeds that are available on the 5G network, so the fact that they are discreet is very helpful to increasing the usage of the 5G network. I hoped this helped answer the question, what is a 5G node? And you can certainly find out more from the cell phone carriers themselves.

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