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Top 8 Vending Machine Brands and Manufacturers

Vending Machine Brands and Manufacturers

Vending machines need no introductions, but you may not be aware of all the vending machine brands out there. The machines are quite common and a convenient method for customers to purchase a variety of things. You can find vending machines in almost all sectors now. From electronics to food items, there are custom-made vending machines for everything, and they come in all shapes and sizes too.

With the integration of different types of payment methods and IoT (Internet of Things), these vending machines have become even more convenient, thus prompting more and more companies to invest in them.

With that said, if you are to invest in good vending machine brands, the prime focus should be on how long the machine works and how secure your items and money will be. Thus, you need to invest in a vending machine that is of good quality and the brand should be an expert in selling safe and secure vending machines. So here’s a list of the Top 8 vending machine manufacturers you should consider while contemplating buying a vending machine for your business.

Top 8 Vending Machine Brands

  1. Fuji Electric

Japan is known for their vending machine streets, and therefore, the first on the list has to be the Japanese brand, Fuji Electric. They are quite popular worldwide for their quality vending machines designed to work 365 days a year.

The company provides vending machines for various businesses, including restaurants, amusement parks, gas stations, parking facilities, airports, etc.

These vending machines are quite sustainable as the manufacturers have been considerate while designing them. The vending machines use LED lights and have hybrid heat pumps, which ensure that you can cut a significant amount of the energy bill.

The vending machine has one-of-its kind anti-coin jamming mechanism wherein a DC motor and a built-in sold-out monitor prevent coin jams, which is a common problem in vending machines.

The Fuji Electric Vending machines are very considerate regarding the design of racks in the machine. Most models have removable/adjustable racks that provide a lot of room to accommodate whatever items you are planning to sell.

Popular Models:

Fuji Electric is known for their face-mask vending machine (FGG1XXMCY8), which grew quite popular during the pandemic. Another famous model from Fuji Electric would be Nagomi, which are classic Glass front multipurpose machines.

  1. U-Select-It (USI)

This US-originated vending brand produces one of the most reliable and high-quality vending machines. The brand, ever since its entry into the business in 1931, has been a trusted name for vending machines.

The brand provides vending machines for a number of businesses that include retail and food industries. One of the main reasons why they are so popular in the US is because of the convenient payment options they provide. They accept the conventional payment method of coins and bills, and you can even use your credit, debit and mobile card wallet for payment.

The Evoke series of vending machines also have the PayRange function, but that’s currently available in the US region.

The brand is also known for accepting the most modern technologies in its vending machines. For example, the Evoke series for food dispensing also lets you know about the calories each food item has. Further, there are audio interfaces in the models of the Evoke series that are a great help for people with disabilities.

The USI vending machines give much important safety and security of the machines as well as your goods and money. It has iVend delivery sensors that ensure the customers receive the right orders every time. Further, it comes with anti-pry windows that ensure maximum protection for your products.

Another notable feature of this vending machine is that it comes with index product management that helps you to better manage and store the inventory as per the demand.

Popular Models:

Since the Evoke series comes with a lot of integrations and technology, the best selling models are all from the Evoke series – the Evoke 6 and Evoke 5. Other popular models are from the Mercato series – The Mercato 5000, The Mercato 4000 and the Mercato 3000.

  1. Crane National

Crane National Vendors, an alliance of Crane Merchandising Solutions is one of the most popular vending machine brands and manufacturers currently present in the US market. The payment machines from Crane National offer a lot of payment options making it convenient for the users. If you have certain purchase cards of retail stores, you can use the same on vending machines that retails the stores’ products.

The main attraction of these vending machines is that they come with a digital, well-detailed touchpad screen that makes the entire shopping process seamless for the customers. Further, you can customize the vending machines as per your products by just visiting their website and choosing the customizations you prefer. Crane National has made it that simple for you. So right from frozen food to hot coffee, you can make sure the vending machine is apt for the products and both the products and the machine are safe at all times.

The Crane vending machines accept and can operate on a variety of vending machine softwares. The most common software paired alongside Crane National include SimpliVend, VendMax and Simplifi Mobile.

The most popular Crane National Vending machines for snacks and other similar foods items are Crane National 168, Crane National 187 Merchant Media, Crane National 471 Merchant Media Combo, Crane National 180 Merchant 4 and Crane National 158.

If it’s frozen food you are looking to sell, then the ideal model numbers would be Crane National 432, Crane National 455 and Crane National 431.

  1. AMS Vending Machine manufacturers

AMS vending machine manufacturers are great at creating vending machines that can accommodate multiple things at a time. For example, if you want to sell a sandwich and packet of milk in the same machine along with some on-the-go snacks, AMS is the answer.

The machines offer 100% cashless payment options that are safe and secure. You can pay using Google Pay, Apple Pay and Paypal to pay the bills. But as of now, the machine doesn’t accept credit or debit card payments.

The manufacturers have also given good thought while designing it. It’s Completely theft proof with its Lexon front and anti-theft side panels.

Further, if you want a customized machine, AMS will do that for a very little customization fee. You can get it redesigned or adjusted as per your products.

They also have many coffee vending machines, and some models are exclusively made for vending snacks.

Popular Models:

The best-selling models from the AMS vending machines are AMS Outsider Snack, AMS 35-VCF, MicroVend, AMS 35–632, AMS 39–640 w/ Chiller, AMS Visi-Combo Outsider, AMS 39-VCF Visi-Combo and AMS 35–632 w/ Chiller.

  1. Royal Vendors

The Royal Vendors are famous for the supply of their chilled vending machines especially dedicated to sodas. They are quite popular in the country, and this can be owed to the ergonomic, safe and secure construction of the vending machines.

The Royalvending machine manufacturer is an active participant in the government’s energy star program, wherein they produce energy-efficient machines. The power consumed is used judiciously ensuring that you don’t get a staggering bill every month.

One of the notable features of the Royal Vending machines is that it just takes 2 seconds to deliver the product from the rack to the consumer’s hand. The 2 seconds starts right after the payment. This feature ensures that there are no complaints from the customers regarding delayed delivery of the products.

Some of the other interesting and convenient features of Royal Vending Machine include a digital touchscreen for choosing the item and payment, an easily rearrangeable shelf that helps you arrange the space as per your products’ size and easy fingerprint-based transactions.

Popular Models:

Some of the commonly found models from The Royal Vendors include Royal RVV-500, Royal 650, Royal 282 and Royal 552.

  1. Vendo

Vendo is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly vending manufacturers featured in this list. The brand takes many precautions in reducing its overall carbon footprints and is committed to producing carbon-neutral vending machines. So far, the company has sold over 500,000 vending machines ever since it was founded in 1937.

Vendo is king when it comes to building beverage vending machines. Their vending machines keep the cold sodas cold and the hot ones hot. There’s no quality compromise there.

The illustrations on the Vendo vending machines are purely art. They are the best if you want to market your brand along with selling the products.

The best part of Vendo delivery machines is that you get your delivery machines real quick as the company owns a massive production lane and there’s no wonder they were able to cross the 500k mark.

Popular Models:

The Vendo vending machines, as mentioned earlier, are known for their soda vending machines, therefore, all the popular models are specially designed to sell sodas and other cold beverages. These models include Vendo 540, Vendo V-621, Vendo 840, Vendo 511, Vendo Vue 40, Vendo V-721 and Vendo 720.

  1. Haloo

Haloo is one of the best vending machine brands for those who don’t want to spend a fortune setting up vending machines. Haloo vending machines are quite affordable, and both the vending machine and the software are pretty good for the price point.

Even though the manufacturer is based in China, they do ship to the US upon request. So don’t worry about customer care. They also provide the required licenses and support along with the hardware.

The vending machines are all base models, meaning they are customized as per the customer’s requirements. The Haloo Vending machines are quite popular in China for vending snacks and other on-the-go ready-to-eat food items. You can even sell ramen noodles and other pre-packed food on the vending machines. Further, there’s self- serving ice cream vending machines and even adult products-only vending machines available

Popular Models:

The most popular model from Haloo is the automatic Food vending machine with a microwave. This is particularly suitable for ready-to-eat boxed meals and is a common vending machine model in China. Other in-demand models include Automatic Soft Ice Cream Vending Machine (HL-BQL-B01), Pizza Vending Machine (HL-PS01), and -18℃ Frozen Food Vending Machine With Heating Function (HL-HFJ-D01-001).

  1. Glory

Glory is a Japanese vending machine manufacturer now gaining momentum in the US market. The main attraction of vending machines from Glory is its ability to identify the different currencies, coins and even faces.

Glory has a direct partnership with many renowned American brands; for instance, many of the AMS vending machines are made by Glory. Thus, Glory is familiar to the US vending market scene.

Glory is also known for helping you secure a pre-owned vending machine. If you are new to the vending machine business scene and don’t have a huge sum to buy a new machine, Glory will help you find a pre-owned one that matches your budget. All the details for the same are mentioned on their official website.

Popular Models:

Glory has a wide range of vending machines. Some of the most in-demand models are  Evolution SZ38, AMS Slim Gem, Evolution SZ38, Selectivend ADA-Compliant BCM26,  Coffetek Neo, and Melodia Combi Vending Machine.

Final Thoughts

All the vending machine brands listed in this list have a US presence. Some of them may have origins elsewhere, but they ship the product to the required postal address on demand and that too with all the modifications and customizations you need. Buy a model that best suits the product you plan to sell. If you are new to the vending business game, go for a preowned model. See if you are getting the returns you expect.

With that said, you can even sell custom-made items like art on vending machines. Whatever the product is, make sure the vending machine can accept more than one mode of payment and not just cards. At the same time, make sure each of the options are processed through a safe and secure payment channel.

So that’s 101 to find the best vending manufacturers and vending machines available in the US. Good luck finding one that matches your business idea and your budget!

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