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Top 5 Best Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Locator Businesses

Top 5 Best Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Locator Businesses

Can you buy an Electric Vehicle (EV) charger location?

Yes, you can buy an Electric Vehicle (EV) charger on it’s existing location and you can also just buy the rights to an Electric Vehicle (EV) charger location. If you’re looking to own and operate an Electric Vehicle (EV) charger, but are having difficulty finding a spot for the Electric Vehicle (EV) charger, then an Electric Vehicle (EV) charger locator service is right for you. Here are the top 5 best Electric Vehicle (EV) charger locator businesses.

I’ve stuck to national services on this list, but there are many local Electric Vehicle (EV) charger locator services as well.

1. Micro Real Estate by Leptonic, Inc.

This site is unique because it is an open, google-able listing service similar to zillow or redfin, but for Electric Vehicle (EV) charger locations and the machines, too! In addition to Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers, you can search for locations and hardware for vending machinesshipping container farms (indoor vertical farms), ghost kitchens, parking spots, helium hotspots and more.

So, the remainder of the locator services on this list operate on a customer by customer model where they will cold call businesses in your area that might be open to having an Electric Vehicle (EV) charger on their property.

2. Literally Nobody

I have not been able to find another service for individuals or companies to buy EV chargers and then lease those chargers to a commercial property in the same way that the vending machine market works. Given how similar the customers are for EV chargers and how they will be the same customers as vending machines in the future, I think the EV charger market will start to parallel the vending machine market. Then there will be other EV charger locator services besides Micro Real Estate by Leptonic, Inc.

Secondary Market For EV Chargers and Locations

There are many EV chargers that require maintenance, and some that are outright broken. This is only going to be more common as more and more EV chargers are installed, so I’m sure there will be a secondary market for broken chargers both in their current location and one that have been removed from their location – just like with vending machines. Fortunately, EV chargers tend to weigh a bit less than vending machines, though EV chargers are probably even more prone to vandalism due to the politicized nature of EV adoption, even if the EV charger is in a great spot. Pluginsites.org is a good resource for EV charging station related maintenance issues.

Business will need to keep on top of their EV charger provider to make sure that the flow of traffic that an EV charger provides to their store is not interrupted. Even the top EV charger companies in the US have problems with the uptime on their chargers, so no business or EV driver will be immune from technical difficulties.

Top 5 Best Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Locator Businesses – There is only 1.

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