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Theme Park Amenities

Theme Park Amenities

There are over 5,000 theme and amusement parks in America and they need theme park amenities. Typically, when you think of amenities for theme parks and amusement parks, you’d probably think about bathrooms, or handicap carts, or lodging that is associated with the theme park. But there’s way more amenities that could be offered for the patrons, and many of those tie in with Micro Real Estate.

Micro Real Estate Theme Park Amenities

Electric Vehicle Chargers at Amusement Parks

First and foremost, electric vehicle (EV) chargers are going to be cropping up at all of these theme parks over the next few years. Amusement parks are often a destination, so people from a couple hours away may want to charge their electric vehicles at in the theme park parking lot while they spend the day riding roller coasters and eating cotton candy.

Though it might be a good idea to have a few level 3 chargers, it is more practical to have swaths of Level 2 chargers in a giant theme park parking lot. A Level 1 charger will only add about 4 miles of range per hour, so even if an EV driver spends 8 hours at the park, they’ll only gain 32 miles of range. On the other hand, a Level 2 charger can ad 32 miles of range per hour, so 8 hours of charging at the park would add 256 miles of range, which is enough to fill up most EVs.

For the smaller amusement parks that have less daily traffic, getting ahead of the curve and adding EV chargers sooner rather than later will help attract EV owners to the amusement park. No EV driver wants to get stranded, so having EV charger is an assurance that they will always have enough electricity.

Vending Machines as Theme Park Amenities

Though the large theme parks often have many of on-site stores and vendor carts, it is a good idea to have vending machines at small parks and large parks alike. I recently went to the Zoo in Washington, D.C. on a hot summer day, and most of the vendor carts were closed. I was looking for a spray bottle fan combo to keep cool, and man do I wish they had a vending machine with those.

It may be weird to think of vending machines as amenities because you still need to spend money at a vending machine, but I would much rather have the option of spending some money to stay cool than just being hot and uncomfortable.

Shipping Container Farms at Amusement Parks

Theme parks often have restaurants on their premises, so it makes sense to have a shipping container farm on the premises to supply fresh food. Most food is probably frozen and re-heated, but anything that is cooked fresh could use fresh ingredients from the shipping container farm. This could be salad greens, herbs, tomatoes, and even mushrooms. The shipping container farm likely would be owned and operated by 3rd party, because I doubt many amusement park operators would want to take on the challenge of vertical farming in addition to running a theme park.

Also, I’m sure there are some eco-friendly amusement parks where fresh grown food would fit well with their brand.

It’s not likely that you live, own, or work at a theme park, so take a look at the best apartment amenities, Retail Space Amenities and Office Building Amenities that you’re more likely to want to add to a space that you frequent.

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