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The Wild World of Vending Machines

The wild world of vending machines

Vending machines can do much more than you think and are pretty incredible if you think about them long enough. They facilitate a transaction of physical goods between humans without the need for any human interaction. They have been around for several hundred years, and have been adapting to selling everything from candy bars to cars. Most importantly, vending machines are some of the first robot laborers that have the quality of life for the humans that own them, and for humans that they supply with goods. The wild world of vending machines is truly amazing.

Vending machines operate under a wide range of conditions and can keep the items cool (so the chocolate candy doesn’t melt) or even cold enough for ice cream. Amazing.

Automation is the driving force behind the improvement of the lives of people who take advantage of it, but it can also lead to job losses for those who the technology replaces. What is the simple solution to this conundrum? Well, it is for the people who stand to lose their jobs to the machines to buy the very machines that are taking there jobs, and rent the machines to their former employers. It is a win-win since the company that wants to automate is going to get cheaper service, and the employees who is leasing the machine will get a decent portion of their original pay, and have most of their time back, which they could use to create more economic value. The Wild world of vending machines is smart.

Vending machines can also be used for gimmicks. The big news today in the vending machine world is that Nick Cannon was given a condom vending machine after announcing his 8th child.

The other exciting news today was a vending machine for books was placed in an elementary school. It’s token operated and the students can earn a token for being a student of character. Neat.

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