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Social Amenities

Social Amenities

Though you might think social amenities and public amenities are the same thing, they are a bit different. Social amenities are services or facilities that are available to the at least a portion of the public and are intended to enhance the quality of life for the community. These can include parks, recreational facilities, libraries, cultural centers, and other similar resources. Public amenities are similar, but they are typically owned and maintained by the government or a public agency. They may include things like roads, public transportation, schools, and other infrastructure. Both social and public amenities are intended to provide benefits to the community, although they may be funded and managed differently.

Some examples of social amenities could be a pool in an apartment complex that is only open to the tenants of the complex, and therefor not open to the public and is not a public amenity. In this case, the pool is still open to both individuals and groups of people and is a gathering place for that social group.

Micro Real Estate hardware like Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers and vending machines are public amenities, not because there can’t be charger or vending machines on private property, but because no one really congregates around vending machines or EV chargers. There not really a whole lot to see other than an electric car that might be charging or some type of weird thing being sold from a vending machine.

On the other hand, shipping container farms are definitely a social amenity in the way that any type of farm is a social amenity. Food can be sold directly from the shipping container farm, kind of like at a farmers market, and there could even be a restaurant, coffee bean roastery, or beer garden associated with the shipping container farm if the farm is growing salad greens/herbs, coffee plants, or hops, respectively.

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