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Restaurants Should have Sauce Vending Machines

Sauce Vending Machine

I went to a little hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant in the Tribeca section of New York City, and the food was amazing, but it was a small and likely not very profitable restaurant. It got me thinking that any Italian restaurant or restaurants with other saucy cuisines, could sell their own sauces from outdoor vending machines that operate 24/7. So, when city dwellers walk by, and believe me a lot will walk by the sauce vending machine, then there is a product with the restaurant branding that they could buy.

Clearly, many restaurant owners do not like the look of vending machines, but if a vending machine can increase sales of an existing product (e.g. sauce), and act as a promotional tool, then it definitely makes sense for a struggling restaurant to attempt.

If your restaurant is looking for additional ways to generate sales without too much extra work (since vending machines act as automated sales robots when there is a lot of foot traffic), a sauce vending machine could be right for you. When those big batches of sauce are made every day, a little bit could be saved and canned to sell in the vending machine. Or a small production line could be set up in the kitchen to produce a large batch of sauce to fill up the vending machine with products for a month or two.

Just imagine, a person walking home from the grocery store where they picked up some pasta to cook at home, but they love your restaurants sauce so much that they stop by your sauce vending machine!

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