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Python Vending Machine

Python Vending Machine? Might be a bit too far.
Python Vending Machine? Might be a bit too far.

Why Python Vending Machine? What on earth does it have to do with Micro Real Estate? I’ve started to have a bit of writers block recently, and I just happened to re-stumble upon an old tip for generating ideas for articles – use Google Keyword Planner. My last article, was, to be honest, a dud. D-U-D. Dud. It was my first attempt at picking a topic using the keyword planner, and it was an experiment. It is totally SEO optimized for a long tail keyword that has basically no competition, but 10-100 average month searches. That’s a super low number of searches, but I’m kind of hoping I can dominate that little morsel of search volume. Only time will tell, if we stand the test of time. – Van Halen

This article is my second attempt, and I found a similarly low search volume keyword, but it is for a python vending machine. Now, my first thought was that man, I’m pretty creative and I never even through of vending live animals, and then I thought, well that seems super inhumane, and then my third thought was that I might be a better person than I think I am for not having taken vending to that extreme.

Now, the thing you have all been looking for is actually a vending machine program that is written in the python coding language. My first question for you, is why would you click on this link before the stack overflow link?

Seriously, I have learned a bit of python, and this vending machine project looks fairly simple to understand and to write and I’m guessing you’re just looking for help with your homework because it seems like a school question, not something a professional coder or software engineer would actually make. And because I need a few more words, you stay classy, San Diego.

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