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Pims Cookies from Lu

Pim's Cookies

There are two flavors of Lu Pims Cookies – Raspberry jelly filling and Orange jelly filling. They are both coated in chocolate and have a cake-like cookie to support the whole thing. Both are equally delicious, and the only problem with Pims cookies is that they disappear quickly.

Well, there is another problem from my perspective – they don’t make a small pack for a use in a vending machine. The 5.3oz pack that you can get at a grocery store is too expensive for most vending machines, unless it is in a very bougie area.

Given that Pims cookies are an imported European treat – made in Belgium, and heavily marketed in Britain by the French company called Lu, whihc also makes Le Petit Ecolier (“The Little School Boy” in French) Cookies. I’m surprised there is not any American competition for this type of cookie. There’s polish cookies from Delicje, and Jaffa Cakes in Great Brittan, but nothing American. The closest American cookie that I’ve encountered is Verona from Pepperidge Farm, but the Verona cookie is much denser than the Pims cookie/cake, and there is no chocolate on the Verona!

A New Pim’s Cookie Competitor

Clearly, Pepperidge Farm needs to step up their game, and I think the best way to do that is to cover the top of Verona cookies in a thin layer of dark chocolate. The lightness of the Pims cookie/cake is delightful, but the real seller is the combination of the fruit jelly with chocolate.

Pim’s only has two flavors, Raspberry and Orange, and you know why? Because those are the two best fruits in combination with dark chocolate.

The Verona cookie has several fruit filling varieties, but I fell like they’re running out of ideas because I’ve been seeing more and more fruit jelly combinations over the years. The Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies have experimented with different fruit flavors of the chocolate layer, but there is no fruit jelly version of a Milano. On the plus side they do have a pumpkin spice Milano cookie, so they get some points for that.

Vending Machine Cookies

Unfortunately, Pepperidge Farm doesn’t make snack packs of their cookies for vending machines, which is probably the real shame. So, to both Lu and Pepperidge Farm, you’re missing out on a huge market by not packaging your cookies for vending machines, and leaving it up to the likes of Nabisco to dominate the market.

While Pims certainly would not be a healthy snack to sell from a vending machine, they offer a lot of taste for a small number of calories.

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