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Micro Real Estate Website Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a new article, but that just means I’ve had time to dream up new ways to grow this website and create a thriving community of entrepreneurs, business people, people who have an oddly deep fascination of vending machines, and anyone who thinks small machines pack a big punch when they’re placed in the right spot.

Over the 2.5ish years that I’ve been developing and writing articles for this site, I’ve typically tended to focus on EV chargers and Vending Machines. The need for maaaaany new EV chargers is what inspired the Micro Real Estate site from the beginning – we first sought to design, build, and install public level 2 EV chargers, and developed some drawings of EV chargers with screens that ended up being similar to Volta Chargers. So, we scrapped that idea and promptly had the vision for Micro Real Estate.

Vending machines were the next machines to be added, because they are already a well established micro real estate market. They’ve been around for many decades, and it is clear that the location is the primary driver of sales. There’s also a lot of variety in what vending machines sell, so there was a lot to research and write about in terms of product-market fit and entrepreneurship. We see the EV charger market paralleling the vending machine market in the future, with many small companies operating and maintaining EV chargers.

Enough history. The update is that we’re starting to run ads for the site in Los Angeles, thanks to some insight by my friends, frag____ments and Lexi Vaughan. They see dozens of EVs on a daily basis, while I might see 2 a day living out in the exurbs. So, it seems clear to me that LA is going to need tens of thousands of new EV chargers over the coming decade, and companies that will install and maintain those chargers.

So, if you’re in LA, I suggest you register and create a listing for your business location, or for your machine.

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