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Maple Sugar Candy

Maple Sugar Candy

Vermont maple sugar candy is a treat that goes hand in hand with autumn. When the leaves start to turn, I turn to maple products (even if they’re from New Hampshire or Canada).

Are maple sugar candies unhealthy?

All things in moderation, my friend. They are pretty much pure sugar (aside from those delicious flavor molecules), so while certainly are not healthy, a little bit of sugar is not terrible for you. The problem comes when you eat a pack of several candies in a short period of time. But if you buy a 12 pack of candies and eat it over the course of the month, it should be fine as long as you’re not eating a lot of other sugary foods.

Autumn Vibes

I’ve mentioned an autumn themed vending machine in the post about pumpkin spice, but man, now I really mean it. Maple, pumpkin spice, plaid/flannel scarves, and apples (or even caramel apples) would be great anchor products for a fall themed vending machine. Scarves in a vending machine? Yeah, just take a look at this vending machine at a rest stop in Virginia – it’s got t-shirts in it!

T-shits and other souvenirs in a vending machine in Virginia!

Though maple sugar candy would be an awesome snack in a fall themed vending machine, I think it could drive sales in a regular snack vending machine as well. It’s kind of a unique item.

Best Locations for Maple Themed Vending Machines

You could put a totally maple product (maple sugar candy, granulated maple sugar, maple syrup of different grades, colors, and added flavorings, etc) vending machine next to a pancake house (whether it is a chain or an independent place – shoutout to PJ’s Pancake House in Princeton, NJ!) or Waffle house to sell stuff the whole day.

Of course, any Maple Sugar House or farm would be a good spot for maple products in a vending machine because they can keep the machine outside and not need to keep there store open, and still make sales. Now if they also happen to sell maple creemees (a.k.a. maple creamies) they’re probably going to want to keep their shop open as long a possible to feed the need for those sweet dairy treats.

Some familiar snack like Oreos also have maple flavored versions, so they could also be a good snack for the machine.

Also, since apple orchards and pumpkin patches get a lot of traffic in the autumn months and the picking experience is a activity that gets those fall vibes going, a maple sugar candy vending machine is a great addition to those farms. It might even be good to place a healthy snack vending machine near by so that people can eat healthy once they’ve had their fill of sugar. Or maybe just get some pumpkin or maple “fruit snacks” that are a bit less sugary than maple candy.

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