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Residential - Enel X JuiceBox Level 2 Chargers

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The Enel X JuiceBox EV Chargers are ready for installation in homes or businesses. They are Level 2 chargers, so they’re significantly faster than the standard level 1 charger that comes with your EV. A level 1 charger will charger your car in about 24 hours, while a Level 2 charger will easily fully charge your car overnight. 

Up to 9x Faster Charge

With 240-volt Level 2 charging, spend less time waiting for your electric vehicle battery to charge and more time enjoying the drive

Easy to Use and Install

Quick-release mounting bracket and integrated cable management make set up and daily charging a breeze

Intelligent WiFi Control

Control and monitor your electric charging via smartphone app, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home

Convenient and Stylish Design

Dynamic LEDs show charging status


Buy Here: https://enelx.pxf.io/leptonic

New York, NY 10007, USA
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240V Electricity
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Electric Vehicle Charger
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