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Le Petit Ecolier Cookies

Le Petit Ecolier is a French phrase that translates to English as “The Little Schoolboy”, which makes sense for this cookie because a schoolboy is stamped in the chocolate on top of the cookie. Le Petit Ecolier Cookie is essentially a chocolate bar with a bit of a hard cookie underneath. This cookie is made by Lu, which also makes the delectable Pim’s Cookies.

The chocolate is high quality and 60% cocoa, which is decently dark, but not so dark that it is super bitter. These cookies definitely go great with beverages like red wine, tea, and coffee. There is also a milk chocolate version, but I definitely like the dark chocolate version better.

Since it is made by Lu, Le Petit Ecolier is an imported cookie for Americans, and therefore is a bit on the expensive side at almost $4 for a 5.2oz pack. So, if you’re having a high tea, then these are a delicacy that you may want to have at the table, but they might not be your everyday go to snack.

It’s something that might come in a Bussin Snacks Mystery Box, but then again, I can find it most grocery stores that I’ve been to.

Le Petit Ecolier Cookies in a Vending Machine?

So, I think this is the first snack that I would not recommend not selling from your vending machine. It’s too expensive, and honestly it’s mostly a fancy chocolate bar with a crispy wafer underneath. Though Pim’s cookies are similarly expensive, I think there’s more novelty to Pim’s. Pim’s have a fruit flavored jelly in addition to the chocolate and do not have a direct competitor in America, but Le Petit Ecolier is has to compete with cookies and straight up chocolate bars like Hershey’s and seasonal snacks.

The only place where I think it would fit in a vending machine is in Europe, where it is likely significantly cheaper, and probably in higher demand. It’s tough to take any old snack from a grocery store and sell it from a vending machine, since you really need to find a distributor that carries the snack to cut out the middle man. There might be a distributor for vending machines that specializes in European snacks where you could get cookies from Lu at a better price, but I haven’t found one. If you do find one, please let me know in the comments below.

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