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How to Get an Electric Car Charging Point at Home

If you’re looking for at getting an electric car charging point at home, you’re in the right spot. However, if you want one for free, you’re probably out of luck unless you live in a city and can convince the city council your street needs a few EV charging parking spots.

If you live in the suburbs or a rural area, then it’s pretty darn unlikely you’ll figure out how to get an electric car charging point at home for free – but it may not be as expensive as you think. You can easily just use a Level 1 charger at home, or you could pony up for a Level 2 charger and all the necessary electrical upgrades to your home – like a 240V outlet in your garage.

If you live in an apartment building with a parking lot or parking garage, it is probably a lot easier for you to convince the apartment building management company to install electric car charging points. How to get an electric car charging point at home is relatively simple in this situation, because you can pitch to the apartment managers that adding an electric car charging point will be an amenity that can help draw residents to the apartment complex, and one of the EV charger companies may even install it for free and provide additional revenue to the apartment complex. Eventually, the number of electric car owners is going to explode and they will all want to be able to charge their cars where they live, and many of them will live in apartment complexes. The apartment complex management team should understand that by installing electric car charging points, they are future proofing their investment in their apartment complex.

So, the best way to get an electric vehicle charging station at home is certainly dependent on your living situation, and may even depend on the number of other electric car owners who are clamoring for electric car charging points at home.

Pitch to Your Apartment Complex Management Company

Micro Real Estate from Leptonic, Inc. is a place to list a potential location for an EV charger. If your apartment complex needs an EV charger, you can have the management create a listing for a Micro-Property for an EV charger, and then EV charger installation companies will reach out to them.

If you are having trouble convincing your apartment property manager or long term rental property manager that your unit/house needs a electric vehicle charger, then show them this article.

There are not any other electric vehicle charger locator services that an individual can contact to try to get an EV charger on their property. So, if you’re looking to rent an EV charger from one of the large installer companies, similar to how Solar City rents their solar panels, you might be out of luck.

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