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How Much Does a Vending Machine Weigh?

How Much Does a Vending Machine Weigh

A vending machine can weigh anywhere from 400 to 900 pounds when it is empty. Any type of machine that is climate controlled will be heavier than a machine that is not climate controlled. So, expect drink vending machines, combo machines, and ice cream vending machines to be closer to 900lbs.

The refrigeration system is what makes those vending machines so much heavier, and of course, an ice cream vending machine is going to need a bigger and better refrigeration system than a snack or soda vending machine.

Specific Vending Machine Weight

Vending machine weights and dimension vary by manufacturer and model, so here is a table of some of the available snack and drink combo models from Selectivend (note that the number after SZ is the number of available selection spots, not the total number of items or just some random designation):

29 Selection Combo Vending Machine596 lbs74.5″34.5″31.22″
Evolution SZ24 Combo Machine691 lbs72″29.5″38″
Evolution SZ28 Elevator Combo Machine831 lbs72″41″38″
Evolution SZ38 Combo Machine811 lbs72″41″38″
Evolution SZ38 Outdoor Vending Machine830 lbs72″45″40″

It’s pretty clear from the table above that as the number of item selection increase, so does the vending machine weight. The elevator model, which has a soft delivery system so snacks don’t get crushed when they hit the bottom of the tray, adds significant weight (about 140 lbs) compared to a vending machine with a similar number of selections (SZ24 vs. SZ28 with elevator). Somewhat surprisingly, the additional weight for an outdoor vending machine vs. an indoor vending machine is only 20 pounds.

Weight of Drinks, Snacks, and Money

Of course the drinks themselves can be very heavy, so if you’re looking to move a soda vending machine, be sure to empty it first. There are typically 300 cans (12 fl oz. each) in a vending machine, which works out to about 28 gallons of liquid and weighs about 235 pounds. So, yeah, take the drinks out before moving the machine. Though 300 cans is typical, some vending machines can hold as few as 125 cans or as many as 500 cans. Of course, there are many vending machines that vend bottles, but the weight of liquid will be about the same for a soda can or soda bottle vending machine.

If you really didn’t want to empty the snacks out of snack machine, you might be able to get away with it as long as it’s a short move. Although the snacks aren’t really that heavy in relation to the machine itself, the snacks will bounce around and get out of position, so you might end up having to re-position most of them anyway. It’s better to be safe than sorry and just unload the snacks before moving the machine.

Don’t forget to take the money out too. The weight is kind of negligible, but you probably don’t want coins bouncing around while the vending machine is being moved. Vending machine security cameras are a negligible weight also, but if you installed one at your old location, don’t forget to move it!

How Much Does a Vending Machine Weigh with Everything in it?

Doing the math, it could weigh over 1100 pounds with everything in it. You might be able to find a mover that is willing to move it all together to save you the work of emptying it, but it will likely cost more than moving an empty machine.

Should I Hire a Professional Vending Machine Mover?

Unless you’re moving the vending machine a very short distance within a property, it’s probably a good idea to hire a mover. There are movers that specialize in moving vending machines, but if you’re having trouble finding a vending machine mover, you could look for an appliance mover or general mover in your area. Sometimes movers are called riggers, so that is another potential term that you can search for in your area.

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