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Geologic Hydrogen (White or Gold Hydrogen)

Geologic White Gold Hydrogen

Geologic hydrogen is one of the newest sources of hydrogen that scientists and engineers are working to discover and capture. Pockets of hydrogen gas have been discovered deep in the Earth’s crust, similar to how there are pockets of natural gas (a mixture of low molecular weight alkane hydrocarbons – methane, ethane, propane, and butane).

There are a number of companies that have started looking for large reserves of hydrogen, and are seeking to extract it, since it is a potentially cleaner and more cost-effective alternative to hydrogen produced through industrial processes.

Hyterra – Natural Hydrogen Exploration and Production

HyTerra, an Australian company, was the first to list on the ASX with a focus on this form of hydrogen. They are exploring and developing hydrogen resources in areas like the Nemaha Ridge in Kansas and the Project Geneva in Nebraska, USA. These regions are known for natural occurrences of hydrogen, which the company aims to exploit for commercial use.

HyTerra’s operations include securing large areas for exploration, conducting geophysical surveys, and planning well designs and permits. They are actively working towards establishing and expanding their hydrogen production capabilities, with a particular focus on creating a sustainable and lower carbon hydrogen supply. The company is also engaging in significant financial activities, such as raising funds to support their exploration and production projects​.

Gold Hydrogen ltd

Gold Hydrogen Ltd is an Australian company established in 2021, specializing in the exploration and development of natural hydrogen gas. The company holds exploration licenses over areas in South Australia, notably on the Yorke Peninsula and Kangaroo Island, encompassing approximately 7,820 square kilometers. This area is recognized as a significant natural hydrogen province, and Gold Hydrogen is actively developing its flagship Ramsay project there​.

Gold Hydrogen utilizes a unique approach by converting depleted oil and gas reservoirs into sources of biologically produced hydrogen. This method not only promises a lower carbon footprint but also leverages existing infrastructure, which could make hydrogen production more economical and environmentally friendly compared to traditional methods. The company aims to produce hydrogen with minimal environmental impact by using less power and water compared to electrolysis, positioning its hydrogen as a competitive alternative to other green hydrogen technologies​.


Both of these companies, and many others like them are betting on hydrogen existing in large enough quantities and in high enough concentrations to make extraction feasible. That bet may not pay off, but if it does, the progress toward a fully green electrical grid would be tremendous. Essentially, geologic/gold/white hydrogen would eliminate the need for hydrocarbon drilling, as the hydrogen would be not just an energy carrier, but an actual untapped source of energy.

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