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Fresh Food Vending Machines

Fresh Produce Vending Machine

About 2 years ago I wrote about a concept for a vending machine combined with an vertical indoor farm to grow and dispense fresh fruits and vegetables all in the same machine.

Now, there is a company called replantin’ that is trying to actually make a salad-growing vending machine! In effect, this idea is similar to how Bowery Farming has been adding farms to the roofs of grocery stores, albeit on a much smaller scale.

I think with distribution innovations like this, there is hope for fresh food with sustainable logistics (i.e. low transport distances for food). I mean, you can’t get more locally grown than the point of sale, and that is why farm stands (“farm shops” for the non-US folk) are so popular in the countryside. There generally are not farm stands in cities, because well, you need a farm to have a farm stand, but farmers markets are often provided by local farmers.

With vending machines and indoor farming, every building can have it’s own automated farm and farm stand on a small footprint.

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