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EV Charging Station Locations For Sale or Lease

EV Charging Station Locations for sale

Do you have EV Charging Station Locations For Sale or Lease? If you own a commercial property, you probably have multiple potential EV charger locations for sale or lease. One of the main features of the Micro Real Estate website is that it allows a commercial real estate (CRE) owner or property manager or other empowered person to create listings for potential locations for EV charging stations.

Similar to how the vending machine industry has many location brokers for vending machine sites, we (Leptonic, Inc) anticipate a similar market will occur for potential EV charger locations. So, if you’re looking for how to have an EV charger installed on your property, you’re in the right place.

A CRE Example

Let’s say that you operate an apartment complex and are looking for additional revenue. You could reach out to one of the many EV charger manufacturers and installers to get quotes and contracts for EV chargers to be installed in the parking lot or parking garage of your apartment complex.

Obviously, digging through numerous quotes and contracts to find the best deal is going to take some time and forethought (will there be enough chargers for future resident adoption? How many Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 chargers will suffice for the number of EV owning residents you currently have? Should you plan to have a bank of chargers in one area, or spread them throughout the parking garage/lot? What about installing a few now, but setting up the electrical lines for several more in the future?)

Or, you could create a listing for your apartment complex on this website (Micro Real Estate) and either set a price to sell the rights to EV chargers in your apartment complex or don’t set a price and let the EV Charger installers and manufacturers pitch their wares to you. Instead of a price, you could also set that you want a cut of the future revenue of the electricity sold through the chargers.

No matter how you choose to set your price for you EV Charging Station Locations For Sale or Lease, you should easily be able to find multiple manufactures and/or installers to work with through the Micro Real Estate website.

EV Charger Locations Land Grab

There certainly appears to be a land grab for the best EV Charging Station Locations For Sale or Lease, since the strategy of many EV charging station manufacturers/installers is to “land and expand” – which means that they want to create deals with as many different CRE properties as they can now and put up 1 or 2 charging stations, and then as EV adoption grows over time, they will expand by adding more chargers at that site to cover demand.

Location, Location, Location

So, yes, there is ample opportunity for new charger installations where chargers don’t currently exist, but there is also the opportunity to replace an old EV charging station from a defunct company or a broken EV charging station on a CRE property. It is very possible that if you have an EV charging station that is around 10 years old on your property that a manufacturer would be willing to replace it with a new unit. Why? It’s like that your spot is a good one if was selected as one of the early adoption sites and is probably one of the best places to put an EV charging station. So, have at it and create a listing to see what offers come your way.

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