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Corn Vending Machine

Corn Vending Machine

When you think of a corn vending machine, your immediate thought might be a machine to feed deer automatically, or a regular vending machine that sells fruits and vegetables, including ears of corn. Or if you’re a bit sassy, you might say any snack machine is a corn vending machine due to America’s love of corn syrup. While deer and fruit/veggie vending machines are great ideas, dry corn vending machines are the dominant type of corn vending machine.

A dry corn vending machine is for selling corn without the need of a person. Typically, a if you are buying corn in bulk, you’ll get it from a grain elevator. So, a corn vending machine is much more convenient because it can operate 24/7 and allow someone to buy feed anytime they need it (and allow the operator to make money while they sleep.

Corn vending machines are big (grain elevators are bigger, but that’s a different story), and they may contain up to 20 tons of corn, and sell that corn by the pound. I’m pretty sure that corn vending machines are the second largest type of vending machine that I’ve found so far, with the Carvana vending machine being the largest.

Corn and Other Agricultural Vending Machines

There are currently three brands of corn vending machines – Corn Xpress, Turbo Feed, and Maize Kraize. They each hold many tons of corn and I’m sure they are just about the heaviest vending machines that aren’t real buildings (like the Carvana one).

Corn vending machines fall into the agricultural vending machine category, and as of right now, I think that only consists of corn and milk vending machines. I’m sure there will be other agricultural vending machines the future, or maybe I just haven’t discovered any others yet, but I think there is plenty of opportunity in this space.

The point of vending machines is to automate a process and help reduce the effort required for someone to sell their wares. Corn vending machines are great for corn farmers who could sell their corn direct to consumers at places like Tractor Supply, or other in-town stores.

Farmers can fill up their corn vending machines one a week, and generate sales without additional effort. Just as any good piece of Micro Real Estate hardware should.

Vending Machines for Other Grains and Granulated Materials

There may be some limitations to what other grains you can sell from vending machines, but I think the manufacturers of these machines will be happy to help customize their machine for whatever you’re looking to sell, given the $25,000+ price tag of these vending machines. I used to think ice cream vending machines were on the most expensive ($10,000-ish) ones around due to the added costs of the refrigeration units, but these grain vending machines have got those beat.

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