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Commercial Property Estate Agents are real estate agents that specialize in commercial properties. They can use a number of synonymous titles for their job including: commercial real estate agents, commercial property estate agents, commercial property agents, or if they are into micro commercial real estate then they are a micro commercial real estate agent.

Technology has creeped into the real estate market, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see many proptech companies that have been founded by commercial property estate agents. Proptech is a growing part of the commercial real estate industry, which tends to lag behind residential real estate technology.

Commercial Property for Sale Near You

If you are looking to buy or sell a commercial property then you should definitely partner with commercial property estate agents to process the transaction. There is going to be a lot of paperwork and having an expert walk you through the process is a necessity.

If you are looking to increase revenue from a commercial property that you already own, then you should contact a micro real estate agent or become one yourself. Micro commercial real estate transactions are for letting the space for vending machines, Electric Vehicle Chargers, solar panels, vertical farms or other small pieces of machinery or hardware that can generate revenue from traffic to your commercial real estate property.

Amenities are Key

These amenities will also bring traffic to a commercial real estate property by allowing EV drivers to charge their cars, or perhaps offering unique vending items – maybe through an art vending machine. The effect will compound with the more micro real estate properties that can fit in the smaller divisions you make of the commercial real estate property.

So, the commercial property estate agent is a vital job in the commercial real estate business world since they facilitate all of the transactions that occur in the market. Without a commercial property estate agent you will likely have trouble finding a buyer in the very illiquid commercial real estate market.

Micro Real Estate is a Two Sided Marketplace

Micro real estate agents might facilitate deals, but just like in to two sided residential real estate market, there will buyer and seller micro real estate agents. So, if you’ve got a machine and looking for a spot, then you’ll be hoping to get semi-passive income after the transaction, and the micro real estate agent might give you a flat price for the transaction or ask for a cut of future profits instead.

If the micro real estate agent takes a cut of future sales, then after the transaction is complete, they would have truly passive income – albeit a fraction of the rent (sometimes called ancillary income from vending machines, etc.) that the CRE landlord makes or the income from the machine that the owner of the machine generates.

This is clearly not a micro flipping marketplace, but a true physical micro real estate marketplace.

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