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Caramel Apple Vending Machine

Caramel Apple Vending Machine

I like caramel apples a lot (candy apples are okay too), but it took me until just now to realize that they would be a perfect fit for the fall themed vending machine that I’ve been going on about. Caramel apples are just one of those things that would be good any time of year, but once those leaves start changing color, my sweet tooth kicks into high gear.

I see no issues with setting up a caramel/candy apple only vending machine at a fair, farm, or pumpkin patch, but an autumn themed vending machine at a pumpkin patch just seams like peak autumn-ation. Dad jokes aside, it’s a good product-market fit because pumpkin patches provide the ultimate fall vibes.

And I must be a dummy, because it took until this point for me to realize that holiday vending machines would be the logical extension of a fall themed vending machine. Vending machines obviously see seasonal sales spikes in the summer with people being out and about during the nice weather, particular with the need to hydrate.

But when sales of snacks and drinks start to dip in the fall, vending machines could start selling other items, whether it’s autumn themed stuff, or once Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, and New Year’s Eve start to roll around, there are a lot of items to catch a customer’s eye in a vending machine.

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