Micro Real Estate

Bored with Your Coffee?

This webpage has a button that randomly selects a coffee-related item for you. I think a random, but curated, product selection can help consumers in several ways:

  1. Prevent “Paralysis by Analysis”: I often waste time and energy thinking about things that should just be a simple decision, and sometimes a fast and random answer is just as good as a slow and deliberate answer.

  2. Convenience: By randomly selecting an item for the user, the webpage eliminates the need for users to browse through numerous products to find something they are interested in.

  3. Discoverability: The random selection feature exposes users to new and unique coffee-related products that they may not have otherwise discovered.

  4. Fun and Engaging: The random selection feature makes the webpage more engaging and fun for users to interact with.

  5. Gifts: Delving into Top 10 lists of best coffees still leaves you to decide between 10 items, and that might be just too much to deal with. I think most people would either just choose the first on the list or the cheapest on the list, which leads to a lot of boring gifts.
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