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Best Security Cameras for Vending Machines

Best Security Cameras for Vending Machines

Do you need a security camera for a vending machine?

It is a good idea to have security cameras for vending machines, no matter their location. Hopefully, the location for your vending machine is safe, but even in a seemingly safe location there is the potential for repeat thefts of items or damage to the machine itself. It’s pretty unlikely that you’d want to pursue someone who was able to snag a bag of chips without paying, unless they are a repeat offender.

Vending machine damage is a much larger business concern, because of all the time and money that might be need to repair the machine – not to mention filling out a vending machine insurance claim.

There’s a few things to consider when looking for the best security cameras for vending machines. Firstly, you need to know if you should get an indoor or outdoor camera – there can be a fairly significant cost difference between the two, but if you try to put an indoor camera in an outdoor spot, you’re gonna have a bad time. Second, are you going to get a visible camera or a hidden camera? A visible camera acts as a deterrent for minor crimes, but if someone is really looking to loot your machine, they’ll immediately knock out any visible cameras.

For the best security, you should install both a visible and a hidden camera.

The Best Visible Indoor Security Camera for Vending Machines

Blink Mini

The Blink Mini has a number of features that make it great for vending machine security – and it is visible, so it will help deter want-to-be thieves. The Blink Mini is inexpensive (under $40), takes 1080p HD video in both daylight and at night, has motion detection, and can save videos to the cloud with a Blink Subscription plan or locally with a Blink Sync Module 2. There are other features like being able to be voice activated by Amazon Alexa, but that’s not really necessary for a vending machine location.

The Best Visible Outdoor Security Camera For Vending Machines

Blink Outdoor

The Blink Outdoor security camera is essentially a ruggedized version of the Blink Mini, so it has all the same features – though it is a bit stealthier because it has a black housing, rather than the white housing of the Blink Mini. It is a bit more expensive, but if you have an outdoor vending machine, you definitely shouldn’t chance putting an indoor camera in an outdoor spot. There are several different purchasing options on Amazon that will give you multiple cameras and Sync Module 2, so just be sure you select the correct box for exactly what you want.

The Best Hidden Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera for Vending Machines

This is a non-branded hidden camera (sometimes called a spy camera) that can be used as a security camera for a vending machine. This camera is probably good in addition to one of the visible cameras, especially if you or the owner of the Micro Real Estate that your vending machine is located in is concerned about taking video of customers. If you have a visible camera and sign that notifies customers that they are being recorded, an additional hidden camera should not be an issue – Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice.

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