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Best Packs of Olives for Vending Machines

Trader Joe's Olives

Packaged olives are a good healthy snack for vending machines, and there are a few different options available. But I think the most reasonable olives for a vending machine are actually from Trader Joe’s, and though I was able to find the pack of Manzanilla olives in the store, I was not able to find them on the Trader Joe’s Website.

So, Trader Joe’s olives are a perfect fit for vending machines at only $0.99 per pack (and possibly cheaper in bulk), but the only other option for small packs of olives seems to be the Oloves brand from Europe at a much higher price point or much larger bags of olives from Olive My Pickle. The bags of olives from Olive My Pickle are about the size of a typical jar of olives, which is much too big and expensive to sell from a vending machine, unless it was a highly specialized vending machine that only sold olives and maybe pickles.

Trader Joe’s Olives Package

Healthy Snacks are often hard to come by in vending machines, but I think these olive packs are a great idea, and will stand out from the other offerings in a snack machine. Typically, when a vending machine operator tries to add healthy snacks to the machine, they just go with some granola bars, but often, granola bars are more similar to cookies that real, homemade granola without much sugar.

Olives are a low calorie snack

If you look at the nutrition facts on the pack of Trader Joe’s Olives, you’ll see that there really not many calories – only 55 for the whole pack. Some people may be disappointed by the lack of calories in a vending machine snack since the snacks are often used to tide oneself over to another meal. But olives are super flavorful, and for people who are looking to watch their weight, the low number of calories is certainly an added benefit of buying this item. There’s not likely to be any other snacks that have as few calories as this pack of olives.

There’s a lot of healthy snacks out there, but these olives, Frooze Balls PB&J, and Chubby Snacks PB&J (basically a healthier version of Smuckers Uncrustables) are probably my 2 favorite ones.

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