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Best 7 Inexpensive Fidget Toys That Can be Sold From a Vending Machine

Vending Machine Fidget Toys

Anybody who believes that fidget toys are just for kids will be surprised to know that these toys are equally fun and useful for adults too! Yes, you read it right! There are fidget toys for adults as well as for kids, and vending machine fidget toys make a great addition to a vending line up.

For adults, fidget toys can act as fantastic stress-busters during overwhelming situations, help them in calming their nerves, and reduce anxiety. While for kids, these toys offer a lot of fun and excitement. Because of their exceptional benefits, selling fidget toys has also become a lucrative business option and a creative thing to sell from a vending machine.

Are you looking for cheap fidget toys for kids or adults but don’t know how to find the right one? Or do you want to start your vending machine business and sell fidget toys for kids and adults? Either way, you have reached the right place!

To help you out, we have curated a list of some terrific fidget toys that can be sold and purchased from a vending machine at budget-friendly rates.

Let’s get started!

What Exactly are Fidget Toys?

Before we reveal our list of the top 7 fidget toys to be sold from the vending machine, let’s discuss some basics. To understand fidget toys and their benefits, it is important to learn about fidgeting and its importance first.

Fidgeting or making repetitive movements with our hands often distracts us from a stressful situation and makes us feel relaxed and more in control. Some studies have shown that fidgeting is useful in reducing stress and strengthening our memory. It is also believed that it can help children to focus at school in a better way.

And that’s not it! Fidgeting also helps people dealing with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and sensory processing disorders. It makes them feel relieved through sensory inputs and increases their forcing power.

Since fidgeting is so incredibly helpful, fidget toys become all the more important. Fidget toys are nothing but small sensory toys that may help in calming your nerves and reducing anxiety. Most human beings have a habit of fidgeting when they are anxious, nervous, or worried about something.

These toys come in different forms and sizes. Some common fidget toys include rubber band balls, fidget cubes, and everyone’s favorite fidget spinners!

The Top 7 Fidget Toys that Can Be Sold From Vending Machines

Now that we have talked about what fidget toys are and why they are so useful, let’s have a look at the top 7 inexpensive fidget toys that are perfect for selling from vending machines.

All of these toys are super easy and fun to use and will offer great benefits for people of all ages, and will serve a variety of purposes.

So, let’s have a look at the list!

1. Vibrant and Color Altering Nee-Doh

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Stress balls are no-nonsense fidget toys that are as useful for kids as they are for adults. These toy balls can be squeezed and smushed, offering a satisfying sensation to the user.

These color-changing Nee-Doh are not your simple fidget toy balls! They are much more flexible and can easily be stretched and pulled without getting destroyed. They come in stunning bright colors that change when you squeeze and stretch them with all you might.

Young kiddos usually love the color-changing feature of these Nee-Dohs and remain engaged with them for hours. They also serve as one of the best fidget toys for adults too. Both teenagers and adults can use this bright Nee-Doh and enjoy the calming and satisfying sensation they provide!

You can easily put these Nee-Dohs into a vending machine and attract a large number of buyers.

2. Mesh Fidget Toys

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If you are specifically looking for fidget toys for kids, then these 20-piece mesh toys can be the perfect addition to your vending machine. They are useful for kids as well as for patients with ADHD, OCD, Autism, etc.

The best and perhaps the most unique thing about these mesh toys is that they come with a hidden marble! Yes, there’s a marble hidden inside all the 20 sleeves that children can push back and forth. Since the marble is hidden inside the toy, there is no risk of kids hurting themselves with it or swallowing it mistakenly.

These fidget mesh toys are super safe, and most children will love them! The simple sensory action offers tremendous satisfaction to children and helps them burn energy and increase their focus.

3. Fidget Spinner

This fidget spinner is one of the top fidget toys on Amazon. Check it out here!

The good old fidget spinner that received insane popularity a few years back still remains one of the best fidget toys for older kids and adults. Thus, choosing it for your vending machine can be a smart move!

The best thing about this fidget spinner is that it is not only super simple to use, but looks quite elegant too. It comes in a minimalistic design and elegant silver color. Thus, it is perfect for adults who want to carry them to work or use them during meetings and other official tasks. Further, older kids and teenagers can also use this without feeling awkward.

4. Pop It Fidget Toys

The most recent trending fidget toy is the Pop Its fidget toy, and a mini pop its fidget toy is the perfect size to sell from a vending machine. Of course, you could also sell a jumbo pop it fidget toy from your vending machine to garner more attention, but a mini pop it fidget toy is going to be the best seller.

You can find a pop it fidget toy amazon, and there are a wide variety of options available. There are also pop it bracelets that are a fidget toy and bracelet combined into one, so people who don’t carry keys around have a convenient way to store their fidget toy without taking up extra pocket space.

These bracelets seem like a good fit for a vending machine item.

5. Magnetic Ring Fidget Toy

If you are looking for the best fidget toys on Amazon to get ideas for your vending machine toys, this magnetic ring fidget toy set can be a solid choice! You can check it out here.

This fidget toy is basically a three-magnetic ring set that can be used in a variety of ways. It is meant for both teenagers and adults. People can wear it on their fingers and spin, or they can simply stack the three rings together. The toy comes in a fun design and vibrant colors, and while it is super engaging, it will not distract you from your work.

The best thing about this magnetic ring fidget toy is its small size. People can carry it conveniently to their work, school, or anywhere else. If you are planning to add a variety of fidget toys to your vending machine, this magnetic ring set can be an excellent choice.

6. Sensory Tube Fidget Toy

These pop-tube sensory toys are excellent for young kids who are between 1 to 10 years of age. Thus, if you are looking to start a vending machine business that caters to the needs of children, make sure to check out these tube fidget toys for kids. They are available on Amazon here!

An excellent thing about these vibrant and cute tubes is that they are fidget toys plus educational toys in the sense that they can be molded into different letters and shapes. Thus, parents can use them to teach new numbers, shapes, and letters to their kids.

Children can also connect these tubes and turn them into bigger creations. All in all, these colorful sensory tubes offer unlimited fun and sensory relief and are quite easy to use as well. Thus, you can definitely consider them for your fidget toys vending machine business!

7. Color Mix Fidget Tubes

The color mix fidget tubes are simple sensory toys that help reduce restlessness and anxiety in kids. These tubes have been a bestseller on Amazon, and you can check them out here!

These tubes are filled with beautiful and sparkling colors that keep kids engaged and distracted from an overwhelming situation. While these tubes do not offer as much fidgeting action as a spinner for a Nee-Doh, they are ideal for soothing anxious toddlers instantly.

8. Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

If you want to add cheap fidget toys for adults to your bending machine, then this infinity cube can be a fantastic choice. Check them out on Amazon here!

Fidget cubes are something unique and totally different from your regular, static cubes. Fidget cubes offer a block effect where the user can stack and unstack the blocks of these cubes and find sensory relief and a calming and distracting effect.

Apart from stacking and unstacking, users can also fold these fidget cubes inward and outward. These actions offer true repetition and, thus, help in easing the mind of the user. These cubes lack buttons, wheels, etc. They are simple blocks and are thus ideal for adults who are looking for a simple fidget toy that they can carry with them and use anywhere to calm their minds during overwhelming situations

Infinity cubes are highly durable and portable, making them an ideal fidget toy for adults.

How to Choose The Right Fidget Toys for Your Vending Machine

Now that you know about the top 7 fidget toys for kids as well as for adults, it’s time to answer the biggest question – how to choose the right ones for your vending machine?

When it comes to selecting the products for your vending machine, whether they are healthy food items or fidget toys, there are several things that you must consider. In this section, we will discuss some important factors that will help you decide on the right type of fidget toy for your vending machine business.

  1. Consider the Location

Location is one of the most crucial factors that will determine the type of fidget toy you should put in your vending machine. If you are planning to place your vending machine near a children’s park or school, you should probably stock it up with more kid-friendly fidget toys. Similarly, if your vending machine is placed in an office, consider stocking it up with adult-friendly fidget toys like fidget spinners or fidget cubes.

On the other hand, if your vending machine is placed inside a movie theater or a shopping complex, you can include a mix of kid and adult-friendly fidget toys in your vending machine.

Always make sure to consider the location of your vending machine before stocking it with products. This will help you attract the right customers and ensure that most of your products are sold.

  1. Trial and Error

Sometimes, even after choosing the right location, you won’t be able to sell a lot of fidget toys from your vending machine. But don’t be disheartened because this will give you a chance to experiment with different kinds of products.

Start with the most popular items in your category (for example, inexpensive fidget spinners) and stock your vending machine with them. After some weeks, try including some less popular toys in the vending machine and see how they perform.

  1. Ask Your Customers for Their Opinions

Another great way to choose the right fidget toys for your vending machine is by asking the customers themselves. Whenever you spot a customer making a purchase from your vending machine, consider asking them what they have purchased, what they like about your vending machine, etc.

Similarly, if you spot people leaving your vending machine, consider asking them what they were looking for and what they did not like about your vending machine. The opinions and reviews of your customers can go a long way in helping you improve your fidget toys vending machine business!

  1. Keep it affordable

The items sold from the vending machine are generally a bit more expensive than the stores because people are paying for the convenience that these machines offer. However, as much as possible, try to include inexpensive fidget toys in your vending machine to attract all types of customers.

The more affordable your fidget toys are, the greater the chances of people buying them from your vending machine. Also make sure that your vending machine has a credit card reader, since many people do not carry cash.

The Bottom Line

So there you go! These were our top seven choices for the best and most inexpensive fidget toys that you can sell from a vending machine. Make sure to go through this article once again, learn more about all the products mentioned here, and then make your choice.

Since more and more people are turning towards these sensory toys for relieving stress or just for fun, selling them from a vending machine can help you make a good fortune! You can easily find these toys online or from a local wholesaler and kickstart your vending machine business.

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