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All CPG Brands Should Have Vending Machines

CPG Vending Machines

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands may benefit from having vending machines for several reasons.

Firstly, vending machines can provide a convenient and accessible way for consumers to purchase CPG products. Vending machines are typically located in high-traffic areas, such as malls, airports, and office buildings, which can make it easy for consumers to quickly and easily purchase CPG products without having to visit a store. This can be especially appealing for consumers who are in a hurry or who are unable to easily access a store.

Secondly, vending machines can provide a cost-effective and low-maintenance way for CPG brands to reach consumers. Vending machines do not require the same level of staffing or overhead costs as a traditional store, and they can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This can provide CPG brands with an efficient and cost-effective way to sell their products to consumers.

Thirdly, vending machines can provide CPG brands with valuable data and insights about consumer behavior. Vending machines can track sales data, consumer demographics, and other information that can be useful for CPG brands to understand and respond to consumer preferences and trends. This can help CPG brands improve their product offerings and marketing strategies.

Plus, since the vending machines are in high traffic areas, they also provide marketing value. This is great for established brands, but way more important for new brands that are starting up. Not only will there be a lot of traffic passing by the vending machines, but there can also be news articles about whatever funky new CPG item that the vending machine is selling. Got a new brand of snacking olives? Well, you could sell them from a vending machine with your branding plastered all of over the sides. Think of vending machines as “branding machines”.

So, yeah, all CPG brands should have vending machines.

How to Find a Good Location for a Vending Machine for a New CPG Brand

To find a good location for a vending machine for a new CPG brand, you should follow these steps:

  1. Research the target market for the CPG brand to identify the locations where consumers are likely to be interested in purchasing the brand’s products. This can involve analyzing consumer demographics, purchasing habits, and other relevant data to identify the most promising locations.
  2. Scout potential locations for the vending machine to assess their suitability for the CPG brand’s products. This can involve visiting the locations in person to observe the foot traffic, the competition, and the availability of electrical outlets and other infrastructure.
  3. Evaluate the potential locations based on factors such as foot traffic, competition, accessibility, and infrastructure. This can involve comparing the locations and ranking them based on their potential to generate sales and brand visibility for the CPG brand.
  4. Choose the most promising location for the vending machine, and negotiate a rental or placement agreement with the location owner. This can involve discussing the terms of the agreement, such as the rental rate, the duration of the agreement, and any additional conditions or requirements.

By following these steps, it is possible to find a good location for a vending machine for a new CPG brand that can help the brand reach its target market and generate sales.

One last time from the people in the back – all CPG brands should have vending machines.

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