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7 Best Mini Vending Machines For Your Business

employee mini vending machine

A vending machine is a useful addition to any commercial space. The best mini vending machines can be added pretty much anywhere -break rooms, coffee areas, kitchens, mess halls, or even an admin assistant’s desk.

It can serve food to workers in your office round the clock. Given it can save so much money and cost down the road, investing in a vending machine is economically viable for both the employer and employees. 

Vending machines come in a variety of designs with a range of features and cost from different manufacturers. Among all the alternatives, choosing a vending machine for your company can be difficult. Lucky for you, this article will cover the 7 best mini vending machines available on the market!

Benefits Of Using A Vending Machine In The Office

There are countless benefits to having a vending machine in your office. Here are some advantages that vending machines offer:

Low cost

Vending machines are more affordable than any restaurant. As you are not using the machines for commercial purposes, your employees can get the foods and drinks at the minimum cost compared to regular shops. 

As vending machines require only a fraction of the cost to run a cafeteria, it’s also financially viable for you as an employer. Eventually, it’s a win-win for both parties.

Easy access to foods

Your employees can have easy access to food regardless of the time. They won’t have to go to a cafeteria across the street for their launch. They can get their favorite healthy lunch option with just the press of a button.

Happy employees

Nothing feels good on an empty stomach. If you have a vending machine in your office, your employees will never go hungry. It will boost their morale, keep them happy, and increase productivity.

7 Go-to Mini Vending Machines For Your Office

There are lots of vending machines of different sizes and prices. Not all of them, however, are appropriate for use in the workplace. The top 7 best mini vending machines for the office are listed below.

1. EPEX Beverage Combo Vending Machine

The EPEX vending machine can be the perfect vending machine for your office. It has a compact design that can sell soda cans, bottles, candy, chips, and various snacks. It uses liquid injection foam technology to ensure better insulating efficiency. Whether you want cold drinks or afternoon snacks, the EPEX vending machine can be the perfect choice for your business.

The manufacturers have used a removable refrigeration system in this machine which allows easy maintenance and easy repair. Also, if any parts need replacement, you can easily do that thanks to the incredible technology.


Stratified temperature control system: The EPEX beverage and snacks vending machine uses a stratified temperature control system. You can select different temperatures for the upper three trays and lower three trays. This feature is particularly great for combo vending machines as you can set different temperatures for drinks and snacks.

Compact design: The manufacturers of the EPEX beverage combo vending machine have emphasized the design as its purpose is office usage. Its compact design allows it to easily accommodate small-to medium-sized offices.

Easy maintenance: Removable refrigeration system is a highly modern invention that allows easy repair and maintenance. Any individual without specialized knowledge about vending machines can repair or replace parts of this machine.

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2. AMS Glass Front Snack Vending Machines

In an office, there are different individuals with different tastes and demands. A vending machine that can vend all types of snacks can be a great fit for your office. The AMS glass-front vending machine does exactly that. It can sell all sorts of foods such as chips, nachos, candy, etc., which makes it perfect for your office.

This machine incorporates all the state-of-the-art technologies to make it the perfect vending machine for small offices with minimal space for vending machine locations, schools, hotels, etc. The manufacturers used cost-effective materials to make it affordable; but at the same time, they didn’t cut any corners. The only downside to this machine is that it cannot vend drinks.


Supports various snacks: An office is a place where many people come and go. Also, not all employees in an office have the same taste. So, a vending machine that can vend foods that suit everybody’s needs is exactly what the AMS glass-front snack vending machine does.

Simple design: Many do not care much about designs but it’s an important factor that can completely alter the aesthetics of your office. The simple yet eye-catchy design of the AMS snack vending machine fulfills the aesthetic needs of your office.

Great build quality: The manufacturers have used many of the latest technologies to make it a competent vending unit, cutting the cost and at the same time ensuring build quality. The AMS snack vending machine is very well built and sturdy enough to last quite a long time.

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3. Trimline II Combo Snack & Cold Drink Vending Machine

With the Trimline II vending machine, you can satisfy all your employees and visitors in your office. This machine can vend 20 types of snacks and 9 types of beverages which is more than enough for any micro property office, or even large office.

Whether you want a sandwich, chips, pastry, or whatever, the Trimline II vending machine has got your back, and everyone else’s in your office. To quench your thirst, you can choose from a wide range of drinks such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, 7 Up, or just plain water.


Eco-friendly design: Energy scarcity is becoming a greater problem day by day. The manufacturers of Trimline II combo snack vending machines have thought of that and made it energy-saving and environment-friendly. This impressively designed unit only consumes a few kilowatts of electricity per day and takes advantage of high-efficiency LED lights.

Substantial capacity: The patented high capacity can tray can deliver around 130 cans and can contain cans of various sizes. It can satisfy those who crave large sodas or energy cans as the Trimline II can vend large 24 oz cans.

Premium payment system: Its premium payment system accepts $1 and $5 bills which means you won’t have to rummage through your pocket for changes. It has an accounting mode to monitor transaction data. The Trimline II also supports card payments.

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4. Koolatron CVF-18 Vending Machine

If you want a vending machine for drinks, the Koolatron CVF-18 could be the one you need. It’s a vending machine-styled mini fridge that can hold up to 10 cans. Although it’s Coca-Cola themed, you can store any 12 oz or 355 ML drink can. The fridge keeps items cool below room temperature, so you can serve anyone in your office a nice cold sip of their favorite drink.

This unique retro-style vending machine has a window display. And the Coca-Cola theme makes it easily combined with any office design. The push-button design doesn’t require any coins or bills; the machine dispenses them with just a press of a button. It’s more like a treat for visitors to your office. You can also keep it in your room exclusively for your acquaintances.


Portable: The manufacturers have made this machine fully portable. It’s compact and lightweight. It is also 12V DC/110V AC capable, which means you can use it at home, cottage, RV, boat, etc. besides your office.

Great cooling: It’s CFC free which makes it highly environment friendly. The CFC-free thermoelectric semiconductor keeps the cans inside effectively cool at around 18°C.

Excellent design: Its unique design makes it visually appealing anywhere you place it. The size, shape, and color of this product make it perfect for your office, your room, on your desk; almost anywhere you want to place it.

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5. KOVOT Sweets Vending Machine Candy Dispenser

The KOVOT sweet vending machine is another great option if you are a sweet lover. Its compact design lets you place it anywhere in your office. By just pulling the knob you can dispense sweet treats in the mini tray.

You can store varieties of sweets such as jelly beans, M&Ms, mini gumballs, etc. to share with your colleagues in the office. It does not require any currency to dispense sweet treats; the KOVOT sweets vending machine is just a fun way to share treats with your fellow workers.


Plastic made: The manufacturers have opted for plastic to make this candy dispenser. It makes the KOVOT sweet vending machine lightweight, easy to carry, and very affordable.

No batteries needed: The KOVOT sweet vending machine doesn’t require any electricity or batteries to run. You just need to pull the knob handle to dispense sweets in the removable tray below.

Compact build: This vending machine only measures 7.5″H x 5″W x 3.25″D. as you can understand, it is incredibly compact and easy to transport here and there.

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6. Selectivend CB500 10 Selection Drink Machine

If you want something more out of your drink vending machine than the Koolatron CVF-18 I discussed above, you can opt for the Selectivend cb500 drink machine. It’s a much larger drink vending machine to make sure you and your coworkers have all types of drinks to quench your thirst.

It can store 12 oz cans and 16.9 and 24 oz bottles of up to 10 different types. You can also use additional kits to dispense smaller energy drink cans. As far as capacity is concerned, there’s nothing to be concerned about as it can hold 500 cans, 240 bottles, or a combination of both.


Simple setup: The Selectivend cb500 drink dispenser is very easy to use. You won’t need any specialized services to set this up in your office. Once set up, you’ll just have to load the drinks, set the price, and start the machine.

Sturdy construction: The manufacturers have used all-steel construction to make this vending machine. Although it makes the machine quite heavy, you won’t have to compromise on the longevity of your investment.

High capacity: When capacity is your concern, nothing can assure you more than the cb500 drink vending machine. It can store 500 cans of 12 0z capacity, 240 bottles, or combinations to fulfill the needs of workers in your office.

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8. Selectivend 14-Snack Electronic Vending Machine

The 14-snack vending machine by Selectivend can be a great addition, especially if you have a small office. This snack vending machine accepts US dollars and can store different snack items. You can put in a variety of snacks according to your taste.

This all-steel snack machine has a secure threaded lock to prevent theft. The front glass is tempered to make it scratch-resistant so that anyone can easily view the snacks. This vending machine has two rows with a seven-item capacity in each row. The design of this vending machine makes it perfect for small offices and alike.


Great warranty policy: Vending machines are quite expensive. So, to make sure your investment is safe, manufacturers provide a 1-year parts warranty plus an additional 3 months of warranty if you register within 30 days of delivery.

The USA-made: It’s made in the USA so you can be sure of its build quality. You can easily assume that the build quality is far greater than any overseas built machine.

Convenient build: Its small and compact size makes it very convenient to use. It is made with rigid steel and scratch-resistant glass windows. All these make it exceptional in quality.

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Although initially it might seem like a costly investment to set up a vending machine in your office, it’s a profitable investment in the long term. Just like anything else, buying a vending machine for the first time can seem like rocket science. 

I believe that you can find your desired one from the 7 best mini vending machines that I discussed above, and be sure to check out Micro Real Estate for additional info about vending machines.

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